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Clean Water Funds are being distributed to watershed areas that have completed plans under One Watershed, One Plan, the Metropolitan Surface Water management Act or the Metropolitan Groundwater Management Act to implement activates identified in these plans. E-IGHWMO is eligible for funding under the Metropolitan Surface Water Management Act and intends to complete activities within the Watershed Plan that was adopted in 2016.

Water Monitoring


E-IGHWMO does not conduct any water monitoring, however this work is done by others. Many lakes within the watershed are monitored by city staff and volunteers.

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City of Eagan staff collect data and samples of lake water from May through September. Samples are analyzed for phosphorus and algae levels. Instruments measure pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, and transparency. Although monitored lakes may change year to year, long-term trends are evaluated.

There are two programs that assist citizens with monitoring efforts, Citizen Lake Monitoring Program (CLMP) through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) facilitates the collection of water clarity data. The Citizen-Assisted Monitoring Program (CAMP) collects a few more parameters but requires a local sponsor. Volunteers are always needed!

If interested in water quality monitoring contact us or the CLMP website. Click Here.

The MPCA gathers and summarizes water quality monitoring information. Lakes are listed as impaired if they are not meeting their designated use based upon water quality monitoring data. An interactive map of surface water monitoring locations as well as impaired waters is available on the MPCA website. Click Here

Many wetlands within the watershed are monitored through WHEP. This program helps track trends in wetland health by evaluating plant and insect life. It also provides an opportunity for volunteers to become involved in the community and learn more about their local wetlands. The program provides annual training for volunteers. More information on the program is available online. Click Here

Annual Reports


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