Projects are implemented through the E-IGHWMO as well as through the member Cities.

While E-IGHWMO has implemented projects with State grant funds, most are done through the member Cities Capital Improvement Projects Program. Here are two examples of how the partnership with member Cities leads to projects and educational opportunities that improve water quality.

City Hall Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Educational Signage:

When the City of Eagan reconstructed parking lots around City Hall and the Cascade Bay area, a mutual desire to educate users lead to educational signage. Best Management Practices (BMPs) for protecting water quality were installed by the City. This included areas for infiltration, increasing vegetative cover, reducing impervious surfaces and capturing as much stormwater as possible.

Neighborhood Meetings:

E-IGHWMO found that an effective way to engage citizens was by tying the outreach to a City project. There have been multiple projects from installation of iron-enhanced sand filters to alum treatments on local lakes. The partners work together to identify the neighborhood and then host a meeting to talk about the City project as well as actions individual homeowners can take for improving water quality.

Landscaping for Clean Water Projects

Did you know that you can view recent activities and projects happening in your watershed district? Check out our interactive map by clicking the link below to start exploring!